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Extraction of precious metals became one of the most financially attractive businesses in world industry and currently Africa continent is main provider of gold.

Many international corporations interested in highly profitable mining activity, that's why specialists of cointradegroup.com have research all around the world to make conclusion that Africa is most potential plum. Why is that? Today it is widely known that South Africa accounted up to 20% of the world's gold production. In 2010, when our team first started to develop the concept of the business, we focus on the rapid growth in the value of gold relative to world currencies.

This was the impetus for writing a business plan and obtaining practical experience. Some years it took us to find the necessary contracts, studying the characteristics of gold mining equipment and silo areas.

Most company geologists are constantly developing soil to accurately determine the place of mining. This continuous process is quite expensive so we are involved in the search for investors. We are already working with a dozen large companies, which fund our work and are the main buyers of produced gold. However, further geographic expansion of our business requires considerable financial injections.

After 6 years of our work, we are ready to make an excellent proposal for partners, and this time to take a part in the financing of our company can anyone, and with the appropriate requirements for the amount of investment that we have made widely available. Modern experts on investment in production and processing of gold highly appreciated the potential of cointradegroup.com, that's why we believe that our offer will be a popular and attractive to many. Golden Investments Group always checks the situation in world market with jeweler and assists gold production to companies from Europe, USA, China, Japan and India. We have contracts with differed jewelry store from those countries. Before gold can be sold it passes many stages of processing after which rank of price go higher. We make the best solutions for getting maximum profit from gold transform.

With such approach many local miners or huge corporations cooperate with us and using our network of sellers, we always know where profit will be. Main idea is simple get maximum profit with minimum investment such good result can be only if company have staff with experience. Our partners work in such area for several years by using their skills we would be the leaders between provider and buyers.