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What is cointradegroup.com?

cointradegroup.com is a frontrunner in gold mining, refining, and supply of precious metals. In 2016, the company began a partnership with private investors through automated platform.

Is cointradegroup.com an officially registered company?

Yes, cointradegroup.com was officially incorporated in the United Kingdom 31st October 2016. Company registration number is 10452888.

Where can I check your registration?

Visit official website of Companies House with public list of British companies: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/10452888.

Who is your founder?

Company CEO and core shareholder is Declan PHILLIPS

Do you have a physical office that I can visit?

Company public office is at 63 Loveridge Road, London, United Kingdom, NW6 2DR. You can visit us during business hours, Monday through Friday.

Is my participation in the financial project safe?

Yes, it's safe. To ensure stable payments, we have established a special insurance fund. It's intended for full financial compensation in case of negative scenario of business development and force majeure as well. In any case, active clients of cointradegroup.com will be refunded 100% of investment minus fee costs.

Is your company you for long time?

Of course, we plan our work for a long time ahead, our management is considering all the variants of development both the company and the market in general. Balanced approach to a similar style of doing business ensures stable operation over many years.

Who can become an investor of cointradegroup.com and how to start?

Citizen of any country who has reached the age of majority can become an active investor of cointradegroup.com, make deposits, take a part in the affiliate program and receive timely payments in full. Just fill a registration form for free to start cooperating.

Can I register more than one account?

No, it is strictly prohibited. In case of violation of this rule all accounts with available funds (active deposits and balance) will be suspended. In such case company does not guarantee return of funds and can require personal identification of client.

Can my family members and friends use my computer to use your investment proposal?

Yes, this is possible. Your relatives, co-workers and your friends can use same computer for registration with no your referral link, deposits and withdrawals!

I can't log in to my account! What should I do?

First of all, check correctness of data fed: your login and password. In most cases the sign-in is difficult due to the human factor. Use the function of password recovering in case you continue having same issue with login.

Is it possible to delete my account from the system?

No, but your account will be deletes after 6 month of inactivity (no deposits or a positive balance).

What the income cointradegroup.com offers?

Depending on the term of the investment, you will be offered a profit rate, which varies from 250% to 3850% (including the return of the underlying investments). You can select investment period from 3 to38 calendar days.

What is the minimum and maximum amount I can invest in this project?

You can invest any amount in the range from 25$ to 10,000$.

What is the investment period?

You can invest for any term from 3 to 38 days.

What are acceptable payment methods?

You can invest and withdraw Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin.

How quickly will my deposit be credited?

After sending money from your account of Perfect Money or Payeer deposit will be credited instantly. In rare cases, due to incorrect operation of payment processors this can reach 30-60 minutes.

How many deposits can I have at the same time?

A lot of them, we don't limit numbers of your deposits.

I made my deposit using Bitcoin! How long should I wait?

Please note that cryptocurrency payments take about 30-60 minutes because of required 3 network confirmations.

I've made a deposit. When I'll see profit?

Your profit will be accrued after certain number of days, depending on chosen investment plan, after 3 and more days.

Can I increase my deposit?

No, this function is not implemented technically, but nothing can prevent you make a few deposits and earn parallel.

When can I withdraw?

Withdraw funds can be possible after the end of your investment period when you have money on your account balance.

What are the limits of withdrawal amount?

Only those payment systems that you use have such restrictions. Minimum withdrawal for Perfect Money is 0.1$, Payeer from $1 and Bitcoin from 0.001 BTC.

How fast can I withdraw money?

All withdrawal requests are processed in a manual mode within 1-12 hours or less (usually it take from 10 minutes to 3 hours maximum). The exceptions are clients of VIP group with the total amount of deposits exceeding $500 whose requests are processed instantly.

Can I invest one e-currency but withdraw another one?

No. You can withdraw in only same payment system, which has served as the source for your deposit.

Is there affiliate program?

Yes, cointradegroup.com pays for attracting new investors, from each new deposit of your referrals.

What is my affiliate reward for attracting referrals?

You get 3% from every deposit each time when your referral invests.

Are you pay referral comission when i make new deposit from my account balance?

When you make deposit from your account balance referral commission will be added to your upline.

How can I use affiliate program?

Each registered user has unique affiliate link in his personal account. Regardless of whether you have an active deposit or not, affiliate commission will be paid from every deposit of your referral.

Should I make deposit before use my affiliate link?

You get a reward regardless of your own deposit.